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At Baby Bouquets, we are passionate about gifts, babies and handmade baby stuff; so we created our own line of Baby Bouquets…unique baby gifts that combines beauty and practicality.

They are not fresh flowers and you do not toss these beauties after one week. Unlike fresh flowers these blooms are made of baby clothes; from tiny socks and hats to a full layette carefully crafted to imitate beautiful floral blooms. This stunning gift will be remembered long after the baby shower.

Our Baby Bouquets diaper cakes and baby gifts are great alternatives to traditional baby baskets and fresh flowers (considering price, allergies and some hospital policies), they look just as beautiful and are a lot more useful. Whether you are on a budget or are able to bless the family with a plentiful start, there is a Baby Bouquet baby gift right for you. Our unique baby gifts are made with quality products/labels.

A final note: Our Baby Bouquets are not toys. They are not intended to be handled by babies and please don’t let young kids play with them as they have removable pieces that can be hazardous. We reserve the right to substitute any item due to stock availability for an item of equal or greater value. Every item is handmade, that’s what makes it really unique, so you can expect slight variations from the pictures on our site